“Heartbleed” Bug Update

April 11, 2014

There has been a lot of information out the past couple of days regarding the “Heartbleed” bug. The “Heartbleed” bug is a programming flaw in the encryption of websites that use certain versions of OpenSSL. Centier’s systems have been assessed and are not vulnerable to the “Heartbleed” bug. Online and Mobile services are secure, safe, and can continue to be used as normal.

Please remember to always use unique passwords for your Online Banking and Mobile Banking accounts. Never use easy-to-guess passwords, reveal your password to another person, or reuse passwords on other website. You should also periodically change your passwords.

Centier will continue to actively monitor this situation for all Centier clients. If you have specific questions, please call our Client Service Centier at 1-888-CENTIER (888-236-8437).

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